The Value of Local

Buying locally grown food benefits people, their community, the farmers, and the environment - locally grown food really benefits everyone!
  • People - Food that is grown locally is fresher than food that has been shipped to your grocery store from across the country, or perhaps another country altogether! The more time that passes between food being harvested and landing on your plate, the less nutrients the food contains. So cutting out the long commute for your food makes it healthier and tastier.
  • Community - When you buy locally grown food, your dollars go to support your local economy. Keeping your local economy strong is good for your community.
  • Farmers - Family owned farms are having an increasingly difficult time to compete with big agribusiness. Buying locally grown food from a family owned farm helps these farmers stay in business. This actually benefits everyone because it means the knowledge of farming and our food sources are more widely distributed.
  • Environment - That long commute that food grown in other locations takes requires a lot of fossil fuel. When you buy locally grown food, it requires much less energy to get your food to your table. This is much more sustainable for the environment.